Tips for traveling to Maldives under 100 USD a day and everything is included!

I must say, I love traveling but my budget is limited. And hence, I always try to find ways to fulfill my wishes in reasonable ways that don’t burden my pocket.

Maldives was certainly under my radar for quite some time and it was one of my dream destinations. YEEESSSS….I did it! Finally I had a chance to visit this beautiful country under 100 USD a day. And many friends said like whaaaaaaaaat to me…..

Right, if you have limited budget like me, you will probably be interested to read further.

First of all…FYI… You can use either Rufiyaa (the currency of Maldives) or USD in Maldives only, so you’d better exchange your money to USD beforehand, because the rate in Maldives is quite horrible.

*** How to choose where to stay ***
The thing is, there aren’t many people know that everywhere in Maldives is beautiful, literally! So they spend a lot of money to stay quite far far away and they are trapped on a small atoll for a week or two!

As for me, Hulhumalé is the best choice, and I’m about to tell you why

  • Hulhumalé is situated on the island of the airport. It’s super easy to reach; even you arrive at late night.
    – There is an information counter at the airport. This counter offers a free telephone, so you can call your hotel to pick you up.
  • Hulhumalé offers various lovely hotels by the beach which cost you approximately between 40-150 USD per night including breakfast… instead of 400 or 1200 USD per night or even more on a small atoll !
  • This island is totally beautiful as you can see. BUT there is one thing to consider though. You gotta choose a hotel which located on the eastern beach along Dhigga Magu road. The further north the better, because it is more secluded and quiet. I even felt like I was alone at the beach sometimes!

View from my balcony at Simry Hotel

  • There are many restaurants along Dhigga Magu road and the food is fresh and delicious under 15-20 USD per meal.
  • More importantly, you will not feel or be trapped when you stay on Hulhumalé, because this island is big and here you can meet locals, go shopping, visit various restaurants to sample different food, go to banks if you want to withdraw more money, even take a ferry to Malé City or other atolls for a day trip!


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